Congress Proceedings



Congress Proceedings


    Abstract Writing Rules:

    • Abstracts prepared for the paper are limited to 500-750 words. There are 3 key words that represent the declaration. In the outline; Problem, a brief conceptual framework, methods, and expectations.
    • Times New Roman is written in 10 characters with the character. The page margins are 2.5 cm.

    You can reach the paper submission format here.

    Full-text Writing Rules:

    • Full text (with bibliography) consists of up to 4000 words.
    • The summary of the full text of the paper, key words (3), problem state and purpose, methodology (including research tool development), findings, discussion, conclusion and suggestion sections.
    • Times New Roman fonts are printed on both sides with 10 character fonts.
    • The page margins are 2.5 cm. The APA-6 style is adopted in the formal qualities, including the presentation of references, references, figures and tables in the text.
    • Each presentation is given 15 minutes for presentation at the Congress. 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Up to 2 papers can be sent to the congress.
    • During the evaluation of the notifications by the Scientific Committee, the following criteria will be used:

    - Relation to the theme of the Congress, originality,
    - To contribute to the field,
    - The significance of the results.

    You can reach the full-text format here.